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Superfruiticals - Noni

400mg, 60 Capsules

Noni Fruit

Overall TONIC

Also known as “Indian Mulberry” the wonders of this remarkable fruit are described in ancient Chinese and Indian tests. Polynesians carried the Noni plant in their ocean going canoes with essentials such as food, clothing, and tools as they migrated to new lands such as Tahiti and the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaiian legends tell of the god,
“Maui” restored to life after his body was wrapped in Noni leaves. Polynesians tell stories of having survived purely on Noni fruit and juice through times of hardship.
Noni, in addition to being sacred, was highly prized for its medicinal benefits which have just recently come under scientific investigation with amazing results.

Noni is traditionally recognised for its adaptogenic ,aphrodisiac, urogenital astringent, analgesic,hypotensive,digestive stimulant and diuretic properties. It has a tonifying action on the reproductive, urinary,musculoskeletal and central nervous system functions.
Polynesian healers have been using Noni  Fruit (Morinda citrifolia) to treat the respiratory, digestive and immune systems. It has a strong healing history in India, South East Asia,and Australia.

Our modern lifestyle and diet  tend to generate common conditions associated with blood sugar levels, circulation, blood pressure, inflammation, cancer, ulcers, indigestion, immune system deficiencies, chronic fatigue, asthma. Noni has applications as a complementary alternative medicine (CAM) for all the above.
Noni is a highly regarded medicinal botanical enjoying steadily increasing popularity and developing a loyal following of customers over the past ten years. In a survey of those who tried Noni, 69% continued to use it and for an increasing number of people, Noni has become a part of their daily nutritional program. From its introduction to Western markets in 1996, there are now over 200 companies in more than 50 countries commercially distributing Noni products and Noni’s health benefits are recognized by millions.

Modern western science is beginning to unlock the ancient secrets of the Noni Plant to reveal how this fruit supports the body and helps to maintain the body in peak condition. While ancient myths feed may feed our imagination, modern researchers claim that the Noni Fruit abounds in a wide range of phyto-chemicals which, acting in synergy, promote optimum health.
Scientific studies within the last few decades lend support to the Hawaiians' and Polynesians' claims of its unusual healing power. Some of the health-related ingredients of Noni fruit that have been isolated are Morindone, Morindine, Acubin, Terpene compounds, L. Asperuloside, various Anthraquinones, Alazarin, Caproic Acid, Caprylic Acid, Scopoletin, Damnacanthal, and Alkaloids.


Alkaloids are colorless, complex, bitter organic bases, and they are essential to maintaining healthy stasis in the body. Dr. Ralph Heinicke, a respected biochemist formerly at the University of Hawaii, has dedicated himself to the study of one alkaloid in particular found in Noni called xeronine. The body produces xeronine in order to activate enzymes and to regulate and give structure to proteins. According to Dr. Heinicke, without xeronine, life would not exist. However, extracting xeronine from the human body has been impossible to date. The body's protein molecules consume the alkaloid immediately after it is created; and therefore, there is never an appreciable, insoluble amount in the body.

Even though the noni fruit has only negligible amounts of xeronine, the juice does contain very large amounts of a precursor to the essential alkaloid called proxeronine. Proxeronine is a colloid that, unlike most colloids, contains neither sugars, amino acids, nor nucleic acids and thereby has been overlooked by most biochemists. This compound initiates the release of xeronine in the intestinal tract after it comes in contact with a specific enzyme which is also contained in the noni juice. This particular chemical combination is believed to significantly affect cellular function, which can determine a whole host of physiological reactions. The enzymatic reactions that occur with taking noni juice on an empty stomach are what Dr. Heinicke believes set cellular repair into motion

There are numerous  anecdotal reports  of Noni’s effectiveness in improving vitality, libido,the condition of the skin and hair and many of the symptoms related to low kidney yang levels. It is particularly useful for people  who suffer from highly sensitive intestinal tract, constipation and pain.People who exhibit sluggish metabolism assosiated with A hypothyroid condition also appear to benefit  from Noni

Noni fruit has an offensive odor to most people. Powdered and encapsulated, it is pleasant and easy to ingest and it is in a highly concentrated form.


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